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Interested in raising money for your school, organization or team? Revolving Kitchen offers fundraisers. 

10% of sales from the event go to your organization. 

Host a fundraiser today by filling out the contact form below. 

    Revolving Kitchen for Fundraisers

    Restaurant Fundraisers Near Me

    Thousands of businesses, schools and teams worldwide have reached their fundraising goals by partnering with restaurants, and so can you. The power of face-to-face interaction at these events can foster a sense of community and the feeling of working toward a larger goal. 

    At Revolving Kitchen, we’ll help you raise money for a cause that inspires you by linking you up with all your favorite local restaurants. 

    What Are Restaurant Fundraisers? 

    A restaurant fundraiser is a social event where a school, business, team or other group eats at a restaurant on a set date. The restaurant will then donate a percentage of the sales to the group’s cause. 

    These events are sometimes also known as spirit nights, restaurant give-back nights, fundraising nights, profit shares and dine-to-donate. 

    Who Can Do a Fundraiser? 

    Lots of groups are eligible for restaurant fundraising events, including the following.


    Partnering with local restaurants to carry out your school fundraiser is a delicious way to change the world. It’s also a great way to encourage personal growth in students. 

    Restaurant fundraisers can help students feel motivated to affect change on a larger scale, and they offer an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about goal-setting. A fundraiser also helps kids experience firsthand what raising money can do for a team, school or community cause. 


    Restaurant fundraisers benefit businesses by helping members within the organization foster deep, meaningful connections. 

    Fundraising can motivate your members and employees to organize and plan for the future while working together toward a common goal. 


    Restaurant fundraisers will encourage relationship building among members of your team. Other benefits of coming together for a common cause include:

    • Building teamwork skills.
    • Learning how to influence people.
    • Improving communication.

    What Restaurants Offer Fundraisers?

    All restaurants participating in school, team or business fundraisers can be found under our virtual food hall. 

    How Does It Work? 

    Already have a date in mind for your fundraiser? Fill out our form below to specify the day of your event, and we’ll take it from there! Once we notify you that your request has been approved, you can start spreading the word about your meal. 

    Here are a few tips for promoting your restaurant fundraiser:

    • Invite supporters, employees, family members and friends personally.
    • Let more people know about the event on social media.
    • Use an online platform to encourage supporters to RSVP and set up your event so participants will receive an email reminder on the big day.

    You’ll be able to download our app and order pick-up or delivery the day of the fundraiser. Ten percent of the sales will then go to the organization of your choice. 

    Schedule a Date for Your Fundraiser With Revolving Kitchen Today 

    Have any questions before you schedule your fundraiser? Contact us and let us know your desired event date, and we’ll fill you in on all the details! 

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