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The food industry evolves over time, and its changes sometimes happen quickly. Various factors like the ease of online ordering, a growing remote workforce and other cultural shifts have created a spike in demand for takeout and delivery availability.

Surveys indicate that 68% of adult consumers are more likely to choose takeout now than in previous years. The changes are real, and franchise restaurants must consider the market’s recent shifts to maintain sales and facilitate growth.

New strategies are essential for franchises seeking success in the changing market. Leasing a cloud or ghost kitchen is a business strategy gaining traction in various restaurant sectors. A ghost kitchen is a leasable space that restaurant owners use to prepare and cook food without offering in-house dining.

At Revolving Kitchen, we provide ghost kitchens for franchises in Dallas looking to adapt to the changing food industry. Our cloud kitchens for franchises have everything a kitchen staff needs to operate efficiently and turn a profit. Work with us to keep up with the market and insulate your business for the future.

Benefits of Ghost Kitchens for Chain Restaurants

Our franchise ghost kitchens bring a multitude of benefits for restaurant owners. Here’s how your business can benefit from our cloud kitchens:

  • Cut operating costs: Franchise restaurant owners have expenses ranging from utilities to startup fees and building maintenance. Ghost kitchen lessees only pay for the kitchen space, allowing them to avoid the expensive utility bills behind a comfortable in-house dining experience.
  • Improve kitchen efficiency: The leasable spaces at Revolving Kitchen have everything your business will need to run a successful restaurant franchise. We offer high-quality cooking appliances and other features that create a smooth workflow. Your kitchen staff will meet demand on even their busiest days.
  • Remain financially flexible: Franchise owners working with Revolving Kitchen choose the term of their lease, with options ranging from hourly to monthly occupation or longer. We offer competitive, flat rates so restaurant owners know what to expect when they sign their lease.
  • Expand with fewer restraints: Cloud kitchens cost less to acquire and operate than other options, making them a viable choice for franchise owners interested in opening a new location. Owners can lease a ghost kitchen to expand their franchise without the costs or commitment associated with purchasing or leasing a building with in-house dining availability.
  • Capitalize on consumer trends: Customers choose takeout and delivery more today than ever before, so choose a kitchen space that adjusts for the evolving market. Our lessees make their food available to a larger portion of Dallas’ customers by offering fast takeout and third-party delivery anywhere in the city.

Get Started With Revolving Kitchen

Revolving Kitchen makes it easy for franchise owners to fire up the oven and start serving their customers. New members can join in as little as a day and start using our fully equipped commercial kitchens right away.

We have 25 kitchens of various sizes and configurations. Our team will work with you to determine the best unit and lease term for your business.

To get started, become a Revolving Kitchen member today!

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