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Just a few years ago, food delivery options were typically limited to pizza or Chinese takeout. Today, with the surfacing of fast and easy food delivery apps at customers’ fingertips, the food delivery industry is booming. Restaurants of all types across the country are now making it easier than ever for customers to order food to-go and receive it at their doorstep — without ever leaving the couch.

As a result, delivery-only kitchens — otherwise known as ghost kitchens — are a new model that could change the restaurant business as we know it. Revolving Kitchen offers kitchen rental spaces geared toward businesses that want to make the most of the growing delivery trend and expand their business without a brick-and-mortar location.

Let’s dive into how delivery only kitchens work — and how Revolving Kitchen could be your solution.

What Is a Delivery-Only Kitchen?

Delivery-only kitchens are businesses that run without a brick-and-mortar location. Instead of having customers come in and dine in person, the restaurant exclusively makes food for delivery. As we’ll explore below, the benefits of running a delivery-only kitchen are vast. However, in order to make this business model work, it’s essential to rent a well-equipped kitchen space where your staff can make the food for each order.

Upon renting a space and building or expanding their online menu, many businesses use popular apps like UberEats or DoorDash to deliver orders to customers. Because of its flexible nature, the delivery-only kitchen model can be used to launch a new start-up restaurant, test out a new market, or build out the delivery range for a pre-existing brand.

The Benefits of a Commercial Kitchen Rental for Delivery-Only Businesses

From marketing and ordering to payment and delivery, most components of the delivery-only business model can be completed virtually. However, there’s one major step that requires a concrete space — making the food itself.

Commercial kitchen rentals provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for ghost kitchen businesses. With this system, businesses can rent commercial kitchen space and pay a fixed rate per hour, month or year. Restaurants can operate with the lowest overhead costs possible and pay for just the specific supplies and space they need, allowing them to maximize their profits.

In addition to regular rent, lower operating costs and streamlined efficiency, the benefits of a delivery-only kitchen include:

  • No upkeep costs: Owning your own restaurant comes with a slew of expenses and rigorous upkeep. With a rental kitchen, you won’t have to worry about investing in and maintaining a brick-and-mortar location. At Revolving Kitchen, our facilities are outfitted with brand new equipment that can be customized around your needs. We make it easier than ever to build your business on a budget.
  • Quick startup: Building your own kitchen could take months or even years. If you choose to rent a commercial kitchen, you could be ready to start delivering in as little as one day.
  • Flexibility: A commercial kitchen rental gives you wiggle room to break away from your norms. You won’t be tied to a specific location any longer, giving your business the ability to attract customers from anywhere in the city. Your rental kitchen will give you the tools to serve customers in any locale. In addition, Revolving Kitchen’s variety of kitchen sizes and configurations means you can find the kitchen style that works for you.
  • Visibility: The upward trend of the delivery model reflects how content customers are to order online and receive food at their homes. Restaurants that deliver are more in demand than ever. This trend means a delivery-only system can be highly sought after without needing to be physically located in a high-traffic area.
  • Convenient amenities: Revolving Kitchen provides expansive storage and convenient amenities, including a number of large walk-in storage, cooler and freezer spaces. We also provide Wi-Fi and CCTV security to ensure you can continue doing your work with total peace of mind.

With off-premises dining in the U.S. making up 60% of restaurant experiences over the last year, it’s undeniable — this model is booming. As a delivery-only business, renting a commercial kitchen will allow you to jump on this trend and take full advantage of the digital age.

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Revolving Kitchen offers flexible rental kitchen spaces located close to Dallas. Our low-cost startup spaces include customizable lease options as well as a range of kitchen sizes. Make the most of our newly upgraded and exquisitely equipped kitchen spaces to expand your delivery-only business — without investing time and capital into your own brick-and-mortar kitchen.

Ready to learn more? Feel free to give us a call at (972) 332-3516 or contact us online.

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