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The kitchen is the crown jewel of a catering business. It’s the place where prep happens — where you transform mere ingredients into magnificent meals. It’s also a huge expense!

Whether you’re a long-time local caterer or a national business looking to expand into a new area, Revolving Kitchen provides state-of-the-art equipment and expansive storage space at a fraction of the cost of traditional kitchens. If you need a turnkey kitchen to handle your growing business, our cloud kitchens offer a great solution.

Revolving Kitchen offers 25 units in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for caterers to rent on either a short-term or long-term basis. Our commercial catering kitchens for rent provide your business the space and tools needed to cook meals and prepare them for distribution. Learn more about our facilities and how they can assist your business below.

The Benefits of Using a Commissary Kitchen for Caterers

We understand the pressures that in-demand caterers face. You want to spend time expanding menu listings and improving your client experience — not hunting for the ideal kitchen space or handling administrative burdens. Revolving Kitchen has you covered! We take care of the hassles so you don’t have to. Advantages of using our cloud kitchens include:

  • Convenience:Have a big upcoming contract and need a commercial kitchen quickly? Renting a commissary kitchen can cut down on your prep and cook time and allow you to focus on delivering the quality food you’re known for.
  • Expansion:If you’re expanding your business into the Texas area, our catering spaces provide the perfect place from which to launch your new location. Whether you’re in between kitchen spaces or looking for a dedicated commercial kitchen to expand your catering capabilities, our range of kitchen sizes provide you scalability to grow your business as needed.
  • Lower cost:Rent for restaurant facilities and traditional catering spaces in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is extremely high due to increased demand. Our rental kitchens require much lower overhead and allow you to pay only for the space you need.
  • Flexibility:Why pay for 24/7 rental space when you don’t need it? We offer hourly, monthly, and annual rentals based entirely on your needs. With our kitchen rentals, you’ll have the flexibility to identify exactly when you require our services.
  • Quality:Every caterer dreams of new kitchen space that features the tools needed to ensure quality food production. Our rental kitchens offer premium storage space and state-of-the-art equipment, allowing you to continue your reputation of excellence without missing a beat.
  • Value:By reducing overhead expenditures and investing more into your business operations and food product, you’ll make a smart trade-off that benefits your customers. You’ll also eliminate time spent searching for a venue to fulfill your next catering order.

How Our Cloud Kitchens for Caterers Work

With a location near Dallas, Revolving Kitchen is a low-cost start-up offering a unique opportunity to caterers. Our 25 rental kitchens provide a caterers brand new, fully-equipped, and sparkling clean space for caterers to get the job done. We present flexible options for:

  • Lease length
  • Kitchen size
  • Kitchen configuration

Each kitchen is fully licensed and modern facilities are designed to meet client needs. Revolving Kitchen offers the perfect solution for caterers.

You can sidestep the small administrative annoyances that steal your time by renting kitchen space instead of leasing an entire building. With these options at your fingertips, why worry about upkeep, maintenance, taxes and other small things that can become a distraction? We’ll take care of these elements for you.

Learn More About Our Catering Space for Rent

Incorporating a rental kitchen into your business model simplifies your operations and improves your bottom line, providing you more time to concentrate on expanding your catering business. Learn more about our kitchen rentals by contacting us today.

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