Growing a food company is not like growing any other kind of business. A number of hurdles traditionally hindered even the most experienced food producers—including expensive initial investment, elusive institutional know-how, and burdensome government regulations.

Revolving Kitchen revolutionizes the food production model and—by doing so—will help you make your mark on the future of food.

We provide your food business the infrastructure and industry expertise needed to scale business up and drive costs down. Our modern food production spaces and expansive warehouse facilities are unlike anything on offer in the DFW area.


What is Revolving Kitchen?

Revolving Kitchen is a food and beverage business center and production space that enables local food producers to build and grow a successful business. Our 34,000 sq. ft. facility provides businesses the infrastructure and equipment needed to expand their product and make their mark on the future of food. Members are able to rent commercial kitchens for private use on a short-term (hourly) and long-term basis.

Where is Revolving Kitchen located?

Years of in-depth research and industry experience in the Dallas-Ft. Worth food production industry informed us that the optimal location for Revolving Kitchen and our members would be (i) near a major interstate with multiple ingress/egress points, (ii) away from traffic-prone areas and (iii) close to important food retail and commercial centers.

The above factors led us to open Revolving Kitchen at 520 Shepherd Dr. close to the I-635 Loop near Lake Highlands.

The average commute times from this location are as follows: Galleria Dallas (10-12 mins); North Park Center (10-15 mins); Oak Lawn (15-20 mins); Uptown (15-20 mins); Downtown/Deep Ellum (15-20 mins); Addison (10 -15 mins); University Park (15-20 mins); Richardson Heights (10-12 mins); Plano (15-20 mins) and Casa Linda (12-15 mins).

Why CHOOSE Revolving Kitchen?

Save yourself the headache of dealing with complex regulatory compliance, commercial permitting, and utility bills! Revolving Kitchen offers your food business the convenience of your own kitchen without the additional administrative hassles and financial burdens.

Food and beverage producers—from well—established operators to rising entrepreneurs—often lack the capital required for expensive and time-consuming build-outs of a commercial kitchen and warehouse space. Revolving Kitchen provides local business owners and food entrepreneurs an affordable, private kitchen space and new, high-grade equipment so they can scale their business up and drive costs down.

How did Revolving Kitchen get started?

Revolving Kitchen is a homegrown enterprise. We, too, live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and are deeply involved in our community in general and the local food industry in particular. As owner-operators of a local restaurant, we understand the hurdles involved in the food production business. High costs associated with real estate and equipment plus burdensome regulatory requirements often hinder even the most innovative food entrepreneurs.

And that is exactly why we started Revolving Kitchen! We are here to help local food operators—like you and us—efficiently and effectively expand a food business. We help reduce your costs so you can focus on what you do best—produce a great food product!

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