Growing your restaurant, whether to meet increasing demand or boost your profits, comes with options. Revolving Kitchen is here to support your expansion with tips.

Analyze Your Current Restaurant Business

To expand your food business, understand how your current restaurant is doing and how your expansion would potentially do. Analyze performance metrics and factors like:

  • Future customers: Keep demographics in mind. Your business could be a trendy new food choice in a young neighborhood, or it could provide the classic dining option a community of older individuals would enjoy.
  • Competition: Evaluate your competition where you are now and where you’d like to grow your business to — would you be entering a market that’s already saturated with similar food offerings? 
  • Menu items: Take a look at your menu and evaluate what you’d want to serve at your expansion. Utilize a cloud kitchen to test menu items with reduced risk. Experiment with new recipes or understand how customers in a particular location respond to items on your menu. Use that information to make cuts, changes or additions to boost sales once your restaurant expands.
  • Cash flow and break even point: Evaluate when your current business broke even and if it was accurate to your projections. Consider those figures as you calculate your expenses for your expansion.

Choose an Expansion Approach

Decide how you will grow your restaurant to guide the rest of your plans.

1. Remodeling Your Existing Location

You might focus on your current location to expand your restaurant business. To grow your current property, you need space to expand into, whether that’s through buying the neighboring lot or business or taking down some walls in your restaurant.

2. Opening a New Location

Think about proximity to your existing business. Build a second location near your first if there isn’t much competition around and you’re frequently at capacity. Otherwise, go a few towns over or to an entirely new city.

3. Accommodating Delivery and Online Orders

If your current kitchen can’t keep up with in-house customers and delivery requests, expand via a cloud kitchen. A virtual kitchen gives your business the space it needs to accommodate the rise in online orders.

Get Growing

With a strategy in mind, acquire the following to start growing your business:

  • Funding
  • Location
  • Business plan
  • Permits and licenses
  • Equipment, supplies and inventory
  • Staffing
  • Marketing

Expand Your Restaurant Easily With Revolving Kitchen

Scale down the costs of expanding your restaurant with a turnkey virtual kitchen from Revolving Kitchen. Cloud kitchens cost less to operate than traditional restaurant models, ideal for a growing business. Reach out to us to learn more about our commercial cloud kitchens in Texas.