How Important Are Online Restaurant Reviews?

Online restaurant reviews are essential. Entrepreneurs should recognize the impact of online reviews on restaurants since reviews can make or break their business. Positive reviews increase a restaurant’s customer base and grow revenue. Gather reviews to maintain a positive reputation, build a strong web presence and attract new customers. Stand out from the competition with trustworthy reviews from loyal and new customers alike.

Why Are Restaurant Reviews Important?

Online reviews matter for several reasons. Here’s why you should be concerned about reviews for your restaurant:

1. Restaurants Serve More Customers Than Other Businesses

Restaurants see more customers daily than other businesses like auto shops and retail stores. Many customers have opinions about your service, food quality and facility, and writing online reviews is a quick and easy way for them to express those thoughts. Customers’ reviews are important since so many people use your services.

2. Restaurants Are Everywhere

Make your restaurant stand out with abundant online restaurant reviews. The restaurant business is competitive. From fast food to fine dining, hungry customers have many options available. Positive reviews bring attention to your restaurant and rank it toward the top of everyone’s dining favorites.

3. People Consider Reviews When Making Dining Decisions

Reviews help customers choose your business over other restaurants. Customers heavily rely on reviews when deciding where to eat since they have so many options. Positive reviews let your customers know that your food is delicious, safely prepared and worth choosing over other restaurants. 

No matter how attractive your restaurant is or how many items your menu features, customers rely on reviews to decide if it’s worth ordering from a restaurant. Studies show that 90% of consumers consider reviews before visiting an establishment. Gathering plenty of positive reviews shows people how great your food is and persuades them to try your restaurant. Collect positive reviews to build your customers’ trust.

4. Reviews Bring More Traffic to Your Website

Boost your online visibility with positive reviews. Websites with more reviews rank near the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Restaurants with the most reviews are the first pages people see when they search online for restaurants or specific types of cuisines. Online visibility helps potential customers know your business exists, so make it easy for people to find your website. 

5. Responding to Negative Reviews Helps You Manage Your Restaurant’s Reputation

Paying attention to negative reviews is just as important as collecting positive reviews. Prevent negative reviews from damaging your restaurant’s reputation by responding to them quickly and respectfully. Use your review responses to let customers know you value their opinion and plan to remedy the situation. 

Monitor restaurant review sites regularly and respond to negative reviews with an apology and a statement about how you plan to fix the issue. Promise to speed up delivery times moving forward or use fresher ingredients in the future. You can even offer a coupon to apologize for the customer’s negative experience and persuade them to give you another chance. 

Customers who leave negative reviews may or may not revisit your restaurant when you reply to them, but future potential customers see your responses and notice your willingness to improve your business.

How to Get More Restaurant Reviews

Entrepreneurs who understand the importance of restaurant reviews gain more customers. Increase your online reviews and grow your customer base with the following tips:

1. Ask for Reviews

Greet customers in person and ask them to share their dining experience online. A smile and a friendly greeting make a good impression, and customers are more likely to leave a review if you ask directly. Asking for reviews is a great way to gather opinions from customers who typically wouldn’t think to write a review.

2. Email After a Positive Experience

Send an email after a customer tries your restaurant and has a positive reaction to it. Thank them for visiting and kindly ask them to write a review sharing their experience. Include a link directing them to the right page so they can quickly and easily leave their review.

3. Email With a Coupon and Ask for a Review

Email coupons to customers as an incentive to write a review. Offer the coupon upfront as a thank-you for trying your restaurant and ask the customer to share their experience in a review, or send a link that will grant them a coupon after leaving a review. Customers are more likely to spend time on reviews when you offer an incentive.

4. Post QR Codes to Reviews on the Doors and Takeout Menus

Give customers easy access to review pages with QR codes. Customers scan the QR codes with their phones and leave reviews quickly and easily. Place QR codes on your menus to give customers something to do while they wait for their food, or place a QR code on your door to remind them to leave a review on their way out.

5. Establish a Strong Online Presence

Customers are more likely to leave reviews if your website is easy to find and use. Create an attractive website and make your review page easily accessible. Update your social media pages and post links to your review page. Build a strong web presence by keeping your restaurant information updated. Your website should contain the following information for customers:

  • Menu
  • Photos
  • Phone number
  • Hours of operation
  • Reviews and a link to a review page

An updated website creates a good impression for customers and prompts them to leave good reviews. 

6. Share Positive Reviews

Share positive reviews on your website and social media pages to give attention to your customers’ feedback. Shining a light on your customers’ opinions makes them feel good, increases your restaurant’s credibility and encourages other customers to leave reviews. Respond to reviews by thanking customers and sharing any photos where they tag your restaurant. Engaging with customers online makes them feel heard and builds your brand. 

7. Provide a Convenient Dining Experience

Customers love convenience. Provide convenient delivery and takeout options to increase your positive reviews. Rent a commercial kitchen space and create a virtual kitchen to serve people delicious food quickly. Cook and deliver delicious food to your customers with minimal overhead costs so you can provide a quality experience. 

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